1. Nigel’s recipe does not say everything of the meat’s preparation. The best to mature the meat for a few days before chopping. Take a piece of rump, cover it in black pepper and mustard, than dip it in a bowl of oil for 3-4 days. That pushes the blood out of the fibres. Seasoning can be also with simple onion, mustard, ketchup/bbq sauce, green pepper. Though anything you like can be added. I prefer to have it on pealed, toasted white bread.


    1. I like this idea of keeping the meat in a bowl for a few days. I’ll try that out next time. I made it a few days ago with anchovies, which was a great addition. Parsley also seems like a good one. I’m not generally a fan of ketchup/bbq sauce or green peppers.

      I would love to have it with toast but I’m trying to cut out bread right now. Hence the sweet potato fries! 🙂


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