First Ever Steak Tartare

Made my first ever steak tartare. I did it with sweet potato fries (which were slightly burnt). Followed Nigel Slater’s recipe (though removed capers because I hate them). It was totally delicious and easy to do. Added to my list of things that are quick and easy and taste fantastic. Next time I’m going to try with the addition of anchovies.


  1. Nigel’s recipe does not say everything of the meat’s preparation. The best to mature the meat for a few days before chopping. Take a piece of rump, cover it in black pepper and mustard, than dip it in a bowl of oil for 3-4 days. That pushes the blood out of the fibres. Seasoning can be also with simple onion, mustard, ketchup/bbq sauce, green pepper. Though anything you like can be added. I prefer to have it on pealed, toasted white bread.


    1. I like this idea of keeping the meat in a bowl for a few days. I’ll try that out next time. I made it a few days ago with anchovies, which was a great addition. Parsley also seems like a good one. I’m not generally a fan of ketchup/bbq sauce or green peppers.

      I would love to have it with toast but I’m trying to cut out bread right now. Hence the sweet potato fries! ๐Ÿ™‚


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