Words for WP: The Story So Far….

Last summer I came up with the idea for Words for WP. Actually, I didn’t quite come up with it myself. I was interviewing Michael Kimb Jones of WonderThemes for an interview and I came across some things on his website that didn’t make sense in the context of WordPress. I emailed a few corrections and he said it was weird because he had paid someone to do it, but then, he thought, you can’t expect a copywriter to know everything about WordPress.

And yes, he was right, you can’t. But what if, I thought, you could hire a copywriter who does know about WordPress. So Words for WP was born.

Of course, we don’t only write copy, we also produce blog posts, articles, tutorials and any documentation about WordPress that people need. Since our launch in November we’ve already worked with the following:

I’ve also produced blog articles for various smaller companies and agencies, wrote a mission statement for a company that disappeared (no invoice paid as yet – yes, lesson learned, thx), continued to write for WPMU.org (until Jan 2012) and also, excitingly, produced two articles for Smashing Magazine, with two more currently in the works.

Part of what has been so great about it has been interacting so much with people running different WordPress businesses. While there is a recession going on across the world, the WordPress ecosystem is thriving and it’s so interesting to meet people from all sorts of countries (America, Israel, Serbia, Netherlands, UK) who have founded their own start-ups using WordPress.

So that’s just been in the first 2.5 months in business. Mason, who works with me and tells me what to do because, although I run my own business, I still need someone to boss me around, said that I need to start a blog. Apparently some one might be interested in what I do. Or perhaps only Mason will be interested, which is likely because he is weird.

Anyway, here it is. I’ll keep it updated with all sorts of good stuff about Words for WP, my own personal writing projects, and perhaps with some photos of Radders the Cat.


  1. Well, obviously I need to comment here. I’d like to provide a few brief statements on my logic for requiring a personal blog for Siobhan:
    1. Siobhan has a lot of personality, and as a writer, a blog gives her a place to show that off.
    2. ????
    3. Look at this site: http://drunkronswanson.com/

    Anyway, you’re off to a great start and I’m very proud to call you a friend and lethal editor. I’ll be reading and following along and wish you the utmost success.


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