RIP David Bowie

When I was a teenager we used to get high and listen to Andy Warhol; at nineteen, in my gap year in Canada, one of my go-to minidiscs was Young Americans; in University I started reading Nietzsche and nothing summed his thought up better than Life on Mars; during my a summer in France I discovered Low and wandered the streets of Lyons with it on repeat; the soundtrack to my master’s thesis was the bootleg A Lad in Vain; on a roadtrip with my husband one of the few CDs we had was Station to Station, which we played constantly. So many moments in my life are accompanied by the songs of David Bowie, so many memories are evoked by listening to his albums.

Today, D and I are listening to Blackstar, which is a sore reminder of what we had and what we’ve lost. But it comes at a time of immense change in my life, shortly after the birth of my son. I’ll no doubt listen to it a lot over the coming weeks, as I hang out with B and watch him discover new things and learn new tricks. And one day, when baby B is just a memory, I’ll listen to it again and it will bring back oh-so-vividly, like so many Bowie songs, a happy time in my life.

RIP David Bowie. Thanks for the soundtrack to my life <3

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