Looking for people to interview about remote work

I’m working on a book about remote work and I’m looking for people who work remotely to interview for it. The book is based on my experiences of working remotely but I’d like to include more varied viewpoints than my own. I’m looking for:

  • freelancers
  • people who work for distributed companies
  • people with children
  • people whose partner doesn’t work remotely (and those who do!)
  • people who have just started working remotely
  • people who have been doing it a long time
  • anyone with insight into their own experience of working remotely and the impact it has had on their life.

Some quotes from the interviews will be used throughout the books. I’m happy to maintain anonymity if you request it.

If you’re interested drop me an email and we can chat about it.


  1. Hi,

    I’ve been working remotely for 12 years for multiple types of organizations and roles. I’ve worked in my home as well as within co-working spaces as many many coffee shops or most anywhere there is ample wifi.

    Would love to share my experiences and thoughts.


  2. Hello Siobhan,

    I am working working remotely since last 3yrs. Iโ€™d be happy to chat. I work as WordPress Plugin Developer and founder at OpenTute+.



  3. Hi Siobhan
    I have recently returned to working freelance. I have two children and my partner does not work remotely. I’d be interested to hear more from you.


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